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I am looking at the import of  Lister Type Diesel engines from India. These engines are ranging in power output from 6 BHP to 25 BHP, are Indirect Injection and fitted with single element type plunger fuel pumps. They have been tested on a variety of fuels including Vegetable oils and BioDiesel fuels--It has been found that they perform well on all including in some cases, waste sump-oil!

They are a replica of the original Lister CS diesel, designed in the late 1920's and Lister themselves continued making them until around 1987, when they became uneconomical to manufacture.

Of very simple robust construction made from cast iron and having taper roller bearing cranks with replacable cylinder liners and lubrication oil pumps, these engines were designed to run for in excess of 100,000 hours BMOH ( before major overhaul), and are an excellent choice for your 'Off-Grid' or emergency power source. These engines are very slow-running, ranging from 650-1000 RPM, have great fuel economy, of around 270 grams fuel per KW/hour 

I have been in communication with Power-Anand in India, and these guys look to be the best currently available. They have standard features such as-- 

1) Online Lubricating Oil Filter for Single Cylinder
2) Arrangement to fix Thermostat Valve for cold conditions in Engine cooling
3) Providing Magnets in Oil Chambers to attract Iron Particles to avoid any
damages to engine
4) Counter Balance Weight on Crankshaft for smooth running and High Torque against Horse Power
5) Oil & Fuel Pipes are made out of Steel. There is no use of PVC/Plastic
6) Fumigation of Engine Wooden Cases as per IPPC norms issued by US Customs
and Border Protection.
7) Lubricating Oil Pump material : Gun Metal instead of Cast Iron (Gun metal is 4
times costlier than Cast Iron)
8) Stretched Films used for wrapping engines: It keeps away dust &
protect colour
9) Changeover compression ratio valve.
As Im not currently in a position to Import these myself, Im including the Makers details where you may get further information.
Please say I recommended them, You may get a discount!!--
Mr Patel
(Authorised Signatory)
Anand Enterprise,
11-E, Bhaktinagar Indl. Estate,
Rajkot - 360002 (INDIA)
Ph : 91-281-2362192/389
Fax : 91-281-2363729
Email :
Web :
Or, Email me for more details.

- 25/2 Lister type, 1000 RPM

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